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Growing up in the northern suburbs of Houston, Texas, Corian Ellisor always knew he wanted to entertain. In kindergarten, his teacher asked him daily to dance for her. His best friends were Janet and Michael Jackson, Paula Abdul, and Madonna. He would spend countless hours in the living room glued to MTV perfecting all of their dance moves.

After taking dance classes in high school, Corian decided to attend the University of Houston. Still unsure of a major, he took a few dance classes in college. It was a complete culture shock! They were serious about dance: thinking about it and talking about it. After falling in love with the intellectual side of dance, he decided to major in dance. Thus, his tumultuous relationship with dance began…

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While attending the American Dance Festival, he decided to make a career out of this thing called dance. His life was forever changed. He realized people could make a living as artists. As long as you are true and clear with your intentions, and don’t do things haphazardly; success is attainable.

Professionally, Corian has worked in a variety of dance communities locally and abroad: Houston, Atlanta, Jacobs Pillow and Sweden. He has danced for several companies and independent artists such as: CORE Performance Company, Suchu Dance, The Georgia Ballet, Greg Catallier, Blake Beckham, Jhon R. Stronks, Lilli Ransijn, Alex Abarca, Maryjane Pennington, Toni Valle, Becky Valls, Patton White, Teresa Chapman, and Hillary Bryant.

Corian is not just a dancer; he is also a teacher and a choreographer. He thrives on human interaction and forging relationships through teaching. Upon realizing his joy of teaching, he jumped at any chance to teach anyone and anything related in the field of dance. He currently teaches at Dance 101, CORE Performance company , Code Black Winterguard and Whitewater High School.

Corian has choreographed over 20 dances. His Choreography was presented twice at American College Dance Festival and awarded a coveted spot in the Gala performance in 2008. Professionally, he has presented at several dance festivals including the Texas Weekend of Contemporary Dance, the Big Range Dance Festival in Houston, and Independent Choreographers Exchange in Atlanta. Corian is currently working on his first evening length dance entitled “WikiDance,” to be performed February 25, 2011 at Beacon Hill Theater.

To say that dance rules Corian’s life is an understatement. Making art is his life, and he is truly happy when he is creating. To him, it is important that art imitate life. Corian is an observer and is always saying to himself, “That would make an interesting dance.” He sees life and dance through a universal lens, not just from one perspective. He aims to make dance accessible to the general public, as well as the seasoned dance viewer.

Corian does not believe that dance should be a mystery, nor is it an inside joke that only the dance community should find entertaining. We all move our bodies through space everyday. We are all human. We are all dancers. That is the thread that binds us together in life.

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